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Access our online portal with everything you need from interviews to photos to cv to apply for, become cabin crew and succeed.

Aspiring Cabin Crew Online: 1011




Our detailed guides cover everything from finding the right airline, getting the look and your resume right to the interview process and beyond. All accessible 24/7 from our online platform complete with guides, templates and practice quizzes to get you ready for the big day.


Combined with aviation learning modules and how to prepare when you get the job you wont find a more complete resource on the internet.

Fly The World - Everything you need to know about the life of Cabin Crew

Getting Ready to Apply - From getting your look right, to your social media, the right experience, choosing an airline and building your CV - Click to see a sample

The Application Process - Applying to your chosen airline, what to do in the interview, interview theory and practice modules to get it right - Click to see a sample

Preparing to Join - You got the job! What you need to get, how to prepare for joining your chosen airline - Click to see a sample

You're Cabin Crew! - Aviation and Cabin Crew knowledge, what to expect on your training, practice exams, you are going to ace this!

Additional Modules - Cover additional modules on emergency equipment, operating procedures, in-flight emergencies, evacuation, popular aircraft types, security and aviation medicine

Fast-track - Personality and Knowledge modules, pass these exams and and get your results auto submitted to our partner airlines

3 Months Access to our portal for $29.95 (Save $59.95), fully online and available 24x7 covering 115 major airlines




First Class



Get our online portal and direct access to a cabin crew member from your chosen airline for 30min a week one to one to guide you through the process.




Access to everything our Economy Class Online Learning has to offer.


Cabin Crew Access - We also include in this package direct access to a dedicated cabin crew member for 30 min a week from your chosen airline to help you along the journey.



3 Months Access to our portal and a cabin crew member (t&c's apply) for $599 (Save $1198). Our learning portal is fully online and available 24x7 covering 115 major airlines


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